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Catching the Fire

About Catching the Fire

Catching the Fire is a ministry dedicated to teaching and positively influencing the future of the church - our kids and youth! We want to teach the next generation the truths of the Bible in a fun and understandable way. By incorporating games, Bible stories, discussion questions, and object lessons, we make learning about God simple while still teaching the truths found in the Bible. 

Catching the Fire classes are for students from age 0 - 12th grade and are split as shown below:

Kindling the Fire: Nursery (age 0 - 3 years)

Sparks: age 3 - Kindergarten

Ignite: 1st grade - 4th grade

Pyro: 5th grade - 7th grade

Inferno: 8th grade - 12th grade

All Catching the Fire classes EXCEPT for Kindling the Fire and Sparks join the adults for praise and worship in the sanctuary, are dismissed to their classes after worship, and return to the sanctuary in time to participate in the prayer and response portion of service. We believe that our kids can and should learn these things by watching and observing others, as well as participating.

While teaching in the church is valuable and important, we also believe that we are partners with the child's biggest spiritual influence -- their parents. We want to do our best to help equip parents to solidify the things that are taught to their kids at church. We can do this by providing the weekly memory verse, sticky statement, and main idea from each service to be studied at home. With these things, we have also included a family discussion page that has some questions for the family to discuss at home, as well as a single piece of homework per class, per week.


If the homework is returned by the student the following week, they can receive a prize! The homework is not hard, nor is it meant to be. It is intended to aid families in studying God's word. It is meant to be worked on as a family. The lessons that are being taught to our students every Sunday are based off of the sermons that are being preached to the adults. We want to cultivate a culture of community and togetherness as we all study God's word as His family.


Our weekly homework pages, Catch the Pointe, can be found in the bulletin every Sunday morning. We encourage everyone to use this page to study God's word, whether they have kids or not. Anyone can use this study guide to dive deeper into the Bible and learn more about God.

Meet The Leadership Team


Pastor Rachel Jumper

Pastor Rachel is in charge of Catching the Fire class training, recruiting, and teaching. She is the head over the Ignite class.

Pastor Rachel has been involved in Connection Pointe's Children's Ministry since 2006. She began as a nursery worker, then moved into leading the preschool ministry. She began working with the elementary age class in 2013, and took over as the Children's Pastor in 2015.


Jessica Salgado

Miss Jessica is in charge of Catching the Fire teacher support and communication.
She is the head over the Pyro class.

Miss Jessica has been involved in Connection Pointe's Children's Ministry since 2011. She worked with the nursery and preschool ages before joining the elementary age ministry in 2013.


Pastor Lauren Allen

Pastor Lauren is in charge of Catching the Fire teacher support and communication, and she helps with class training, recruiting, and teaching. She is head over the Inferno class with her husband, Pastor Chris Allen.

Pastor Lauren has been involved in various ministries at Connection Pointe since 2003. She is our Associate Pastor and is assisting in the youth ministry as the youth pastor's wife.

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