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Kindling the Fire is our nursery ministry for all babies and toddlers aged 0 to 4 years old.

At Connection Pointe, we strongly believe that the nursery is a ministry - not just babysitting! We strive to incorporate a worship-filled environment for your children to learn and grow in. Babies and toddlers are in a stage of their development where they soak in everything around them. Even if they do not fully understand the words we are saying to them, they can still feel the peace and presence of God. We have a Bible-filled curriculum, and your child will hear a story from the Bible each week they are with us. We pray over each child as we care for and play with them. There is also praise, worship, and biblical learning music & media playing at all times. We want each child to graduate from our nursery knowing these things:
Jesus loves me, Jesus died for me, and Jesus heals me. 

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